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About Survey

The "Vietnam Best Places To Work" (VNBPTW) is an annual survey organized since 2013 by Anphabe - the pioneer in Employer Brand consulting and providing Vietnam happy workforce solutions.

This survey's research purpose is to update the professionals' career motivation & expectations for an Ideal Workplace by detailed industry, level, function, working region, etc.. Based on the collected result, Anphabe will create a benchmark for the Vietnamese workforce and celebrate Companies & Organizations who are voted as the Vietnam Best Place To Work by industries and 6 key criteria.

The VNBPTW survey provides various types of reports and has become the most trusted source of Talent trend and Employer Brand (EB) evaluation in Vietnam. The report contains strategic consultant from Anphabe will support Human Resource managers in building an effective working environment, which best-meets their employee's expectation.

  • All respondent information is kept confidential and anonymous under Anphabe terms & conditions
  • The Survey contents are developed by Employer Brand experts from Anphabe
  • Ranking method & final result are consulted and verified by Intage Vietnam - the no.1 market research brand in Japan.

VNBPTW survey is conducted independently following by astricted process including in-depth interview, Qualitative, and Quantitative, in order to collect the most objective ideas from professionals

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